We can speak in the plural, since we have 3 different circuits: Children, Junior and Adults.

Each pilot according to his age will be able to rent the model of karts appropriate to his age and height to enjoy speed with security and tranquility.
Night lighting on all circuits.

Three different circuits in which the pilots will feel the speed on the asphalt and will be able to compete on equal terms, demonstrating their driving skills, there are no excuses, the best will win.

Come and discover for yourself that we are truly the best Karting facility in The Region.

Speed, slipping overtaking, full adrenaline, come have fun !!!!


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We intend that children and adults have fun driving a kart, feeling the speed and competitiveness. Sensations that must be experienced in circuits prepared for it, and not in places where life is at risk such as roads.

The fact of having a circuit for each age group, one for children, another for teenagers, and another for adults, confirms that the safety of our customers is our first priority.

Our main circuit for the competition has a real length of 950 m., It is a fast track with 400 m of straight lines, large hard shoulders and wide green areas. (12,000 square meters of grass)

The width of the track is 8 m plus the shoulders, one meter of shoulders on each side, the narrowest space between lanes is 8 meters, the widest is 50 meters.


For the safety of our facilities, we are members of the AEPKA, (association that ensures the safety and quality of karts in Spain) and the RFEA (Royal Spanish Federation of Motorsports) has held Championships in Spain in our facilities.